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Massage Therapy Rates

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If you're not sure which appointment to book, please don't hesitate to contact us by whatever means is most convenient for you.  We're happy to help you determine what would best suit your needs and answer any questions you might have.

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20 Minutes Massage Therapy


($57.14 + $2.86 gst)

The "Quick Fix"


Perfect for when you have only a limited break.  Done over the clothing without oil.


Similar to what you'd see at corporate or sporting events.  

Performed by an RMT, and therefore billable to your insurance. 

Massage Therapy image

45 Minutes Massage Therapy


($100.00+ $5.00 gst)

This will provide enough time to focus on specific problem areas such as the upper or lower body (ex: Back, Neck, Shoulders and Arms OR Lower Back, Hips & Legs).

Acupressure Neck Massage

75 Minutes Massage Therapy


($152.38 + $7.62 gst)

Great for those who want to get the benefits of a relaxation massage with extra time to focus on specific issues as needed.

Shoulder Massage

30 Minutes Massage Therapy


($76.19 + $3.81 gst)

Most often booked with the focus ​being on a specific area of the body (ex: Back or Neck).

Head Massage

60 Minutes Massage Therapy


($123.81 + $6.19 gst)

Most commonly booked session.

This treatment allows time for general full body massage (ex: Back, Neck, Arms and Legs).

This is typically sufficient to focus on problem areas but also allowing for overall relaxation.

Back Massage

90 Minutes Massage Therapy


($180.95 + $9.05 gst)

All the benefits of a relaxation massage with even more time to focus on specific issues as needed, or simply to reach a deeper level of relaxation.


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Back Massage

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy treatments provided by a Registered Massage Therapist can offer significant benefits for a variety of conditions and for diverse patient populations. Whether you need to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, massage therapy can enhance your overall well-being. Massage therapy can help alleviate musculoskeletal disorders associated with everyday stress, muscular overuse, physical manifestation of mental distress and many persistent pain syndromes.


Massage therapy can be an important part of your health maintenance plan by:

•   Reducing or eliminating pain
•   Improving joint mobility
•   Improving lymphatic drainage
•   Reducing muscular tension

Massage therapy can treat both acute and chronic conditions. RMTs work with a wide variety of patients in the treatment of illness, injury, rehabilitation and disability.


Massage therapy can also be used as part of a preventative care program. This includes sports training, injury prevention, ongoing stress management and more!


Click HERE for our safety practices, booking and cancelation policies.

Massage Therapy Description

More information about massage therapy.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment.

On the first visit you will complete a confidential health history as part of the intake process. Your massage therapist will assess your individual needs as well as other factors that may be contributing to your injury or condition.  Your massage therapist will require an overall picture of your current health and a detailed health history in order to design a treatment plan that’s right for you.  The treatment plan can be changed at any time and will be reassessed at an appropriate time. You have no obligation to undergo any part of a treatment. Your treatment will begin once you have given your informed consent. This involves setting realistic goals for treatment, discussing possible responses to treatment, and being informed of alternative care options.


If a massage therapist determines that your condition would be better treated by another healthcare professional, they will make the appropriate referral.


What is a Registered Massage Therapist?

A Registered Massage Therapist is an individual who is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) in accordance with the Regulated Health Professionals Act and the Massage Therapy Act. Only members of the CMTBC are permitted to use the title of Registered Massage Therapist or Massage Therapist, or the designation of RMT or MT.



A Registered Massage Therapist:

•   Is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC)

•   Has completed competency-based education at a recognized school of massage therapy

•   Has successfully completed examinations to ensure that they have the necessary competencies to safely and effectively offer massage therapy care

•   Maintains their registration by participating in continuing education and a quality assurance program to ensure they maintain their high professional standards and quality of care

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