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Yoga Classes

In response to provincial health recommendations we employ the following safety measures: improved ventilation using multiple air purifiers and we've resumed to a maximum 6 students per Hatha yoga class, and 5 students per Restorative yoga class.  Students are welcome to wear a mask during class for added safety if they so choose, however it is no longer mandatory.

Thanks for your support and ongoing patience.

Keep well and Namaste safe. :)

Child's Pose

Restorative Yoga

Come relax and unwind in this soothing, gentle yoga practice.  Restorative yoga involves longer held poses on the floor to help promote deep relaxation for the body and the mind. Restorative yoga provides support for the nervous system, promotes better sleep, and instills a sense of calm and tranquility. 

Due to the number of sets of equipment/props on-hand, class sizes are limited to a maximum of 5 students on a first come, first served basis.

Yoga Class

Hatha Yoga

This program is great for those new to yoga, or for those seeking to improve or grow their yoga practice.  

Yoga provides an opportunity to cultivate tools to manage stress through breathing techniques, movement, and mindfulness practices.  By focusing on alignment, this class creates a deep sense of body awareness.

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 6 students on a first come, first served basis.


Yoga + Meditation Workshop

This 90-minute class will include some gentle Hatha yoga to connect to the breath and Restorative poses to ground the body, followed by meditations to focus and calm the mind. This is a great way to reconnect to yourself and explore your meditation practice.


The next class date will be announced soon.

The price for this class is $30.

Class size is limited to 6 students on a first come, first served basis.

Rates & Information

Online booking is available up to 6 hours prior to class, however students can email the instructor directly up to 90 mins prior to class start time to sign up, space permitting:

If you'd like more information or have questions about our classes, you can email Sunny at

If you are unable to attend, please make sure to cancel at least one hour before the class start to avoid cancelation penalties.



At this time, masks are no longer required in common areas within the building.  


Kindly come to class fully prepared to practice as changerooms will not be available on-site.

Drop-in Yoga Classes

45 min $15/class ($14.29 + $0.71 gst)

One hour $20/class ($19.05 + $0.95 gst)

5-Class Package (prepaid)

$13.50 per 45 min class • $67.50 for 5 classes ($12.86 + $0.64 gst)

$17.50 per one hour class • $87.50 for 5 classes ($83.33 + $4.17 gst)

10-Class Package (prepaid)

$11.25 per 45 minute class • $112.50 for 10 classes ($107.14 + $5.36 gst)

$15.00 per one hour class • $150.00 for 10 classes ($142.86 + $7.14 gst)

Yoga + Meditation Workshop

90 minutes $30/class ($28.57 + $1.43 gst)

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