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Gentle movement & meditation for wellness

In our private yoga studio, we offer small-group Hatha & Restorative Classes and Yoga & Meditation Workshops. Come cultivate tools to support your health & wellbeing through breath techniques, movement and meditation practices and enjoy the benefits of a more personalized classes due to small class sizes.

Manage stress

Cultivate body/mind awareness

Reduce muscular tension

Increase mobility

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Yoga Offerings


These classes are great for those new to yoga, or for those seeking to improve or grow their yoga practice.  

Yoga provides an opportunity to cultivate tools to manage stress through breathing techniques, movement, and mindfulness practices.  By focusing on alignment, this class creates a deep sense of body awareness.​

Come relax and unwind in this soothing, gentle yoga practice.  Restorative yoga involves longer held poses on the floor to help promote deep relaxation for the body and the mind. Restorative yoga provides support for the nervous system, promotes better sleep, and instills a sense of calm and tranquility. 

This 90-minute class will include some gentle Hatha yoga to connect to the breath and Restorative poses to ground the body, followed by meditations to focus and calm the mind. This is a great way to reconnect to yourself and explore your meditation practice.


The next workshop date will be announced soon.

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About your teacher

My name is Sunny Sahebolzamani

I started my journey as a yoga instructor in 2011 and I teach Hatha, Yin, Flow and Iyangar along side with meditation.

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, my classes are suitable for all levels and each week the focus is shaped around the interest of the participants and their individual needs. I aim to ensure I provide a safe and accessible practice for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! 

A photo of Sunny Sahebolzamani, Yoga Teacher
Our Teacher
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